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Two people organized a buffet system at a golf club ground.

Exceptional Club Catering In Dunfermline

Do you want to improve the dining experience at your golf club in Dunfermline? Check out KDN Catering & Hospitality. As the go-to golf club catering professionals, we understand the value of offering great service to members and guests. Are you looking for a pub grub, a delicious carvery, or a delectable afternoon tea? We have your back!


Our restaurant provides wonderful meals and a welcoming environment, including wheelchair-accessible alternatives to ensure everyone can enjoy the experience. Trust us to improve your golf course's dining options. Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor our services to meet your needs and create a memorable culinary experience for your members and guests.

Our Club Catering Services

Overhead view of people having tea.

Afternoon Teas

Experience the quintessentially British tradition with our delightful afternoon teas crafted for a touch of elegance at your golf club events. Indulge in freshly baked biscuits, delicate finger sandwiches, and an array of sweet treats, all served with the finest teas. Our afternoon teas bring a touch of sophistication to your gatherings, making them perfect for post-golf relaxation or a refined social affair on the club's grounds.

A group of people enjoying a buffet meal at an event.

Hot Meals

Upgrade your golf club catering with our hearty hot meals, a testament to our dedication to delivering comforting and flavourful options. Succulent roasts, classic pub-style dishes, and seasonal specials, all crafted carefully and using premium ingredients. Whether a cosy post-game meal or a celebratory event, our hot meals bring warmth and satisfaction to every plate.

A table displaying trays of a variety of snacks, ready to be savored.


Our snacks are perfect for those in-between moments or a quick refuel during a round. From freshly prepared sandwiches to light bites, our snack offerings are designed to provide a convenient and satisfying energy boost. Ideal for golfers looking for a quick bite on the course or members mingling after a game, our snacks strike the right balance between taste and convenience.

Close-up of spaghetti

Traditional Food

Celebrate the timeless charm of traditional restaurant fare at your golf club with our carefully curated selection of classic dishes. Our conventional food options pay homage to culinary heritage, from hearty pies to beloved roast dinners. These dishes add a touch of nostalgia to your events, making them perfect for luncheons, post-golf gatherings, and any occasion where traditional flavours are appreciated.

Enjoy Delightful Culinary Choices Specifically Suited To Your Golf Community. Call 07930 237789 To Improve Your Events With Our Club Catering.

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